Paramount Ballroom

Once a vaudeville theater back in the early 1900's, (formally known as the Capitol Theatre) this building in downtown Cheyenne was the toast of the town. Back when everyone traveled via train, the Cheyenne Depot block (Paramount Cafe and Ballroom are across the street in the Majestic Building) was a center of American travel destinations. Even Ernest Hemingway got married in downtown Cheyenne! If you traveled across country by train, chances are you stopped in Cheyenne to eat, sight see and check out the "West", celebrities included. A fire burned down the theater in the depression era and it was eventually rebuilt into a movie theater in the mid century and became The Paramount Theater. If your parents grew up in the 60's-80's, they have memories of seeing films there. In the 80's, the seating area eventually burned down because of a vandal and now only the front building remains. But the vintage projectors (which are a beauty) still remain in the top floor which still had ticket stubs and remnants from the 80's strewn about when I visited it a few years ago, it was epic. 

The building itself it still gorgeous and has been renovated thanks to Renee and Jon Jelinek who own the Majestic Building which hosts their Paramount Cafe (bubble tea and cold brews, yum!) and The Second Floor upstairs (the co-working offices for creatives and business owners that is too chic for words). And now their newest creation is the cocktail bar The Paramount Ballroom with premium and delicious cocktails, brews, wine and appetizers with all the best Wyoming liquor and brews. 

It's a must stop FOR SURE in Cheyenne, WY and you must go in the back parking lot where the theater use to stand and look at the art all around the buildings! Including the old checkered paint at the top of the building showing where the theater balcony use to be. And Peacock Alley where the vaudeville actors would idle in between their scenes on stage - name inspired by the feathery costumes they use to wear! 

Below are some but not all of the yummy concoctions at Paramount Ballroom that I got the pleasure of photographing and trying!