My 2018

The biggest thing that happened to me in 2018 was Jarret and mine’s 10 year anniversary/commitment ceremony in Iceland with our 9 loved ones. And the trip was so amazing, that I decided to go back 4 months after to photograph and film for personal sake accompanied by Alyssa. I also decided to take a leap and go to Canada for the first time alone and photograph along some amazing artists and it inspired me that I should move away from Cheyenne, WY soon because the world is so small and I want to experience so much more of it. Maybe 2019 will finally be the year. In 2018, I went to Vegas, Iceland twice, Edmonton, CA, Missoula, Montana, Boston, Salem, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain National Park quite a bit. And I learned the value of minimalism, quality time and I’m becoming less in love with social media as I’m getting older because late 20’s are, to be blunt, hard and dwindling. It’s important to stay hungry. So while 2018 was filled with incredible adventures, its spaces were certainly filled with stress and anxiety. I’m practicing clarity and self-love and focus and I’m already excited for 2019 a new metamorphosis.

But it’s hard to deny by the moments below, there were lots of really great fucking moments.