Spooky Shoots of the Past

I don't just love Halloween. I LIVE for Halloween. Ever since I was a young girl, the only books I would ever read were ones of lore, enchanted forests, wicked magic and of course, ghost stories. So in honor of Halloween, I decided to repost my spooky shoots of the past on the new diary. Featuring FALSA MYND (Ashley McKean as the witchy gray haired creature in Centennial, WY) / ABANDONED DOLLS (Chayse Rowley and Zach Ward as the porcelain doll and creepy clown doll) / ELSEWHERE (Kiit Wright as the Nightmare Queen in my Elsewhere Series) / ICE QUEEN (Lauren Minder as the Ice Queen where I side-note, got fume poisoning from spray painting the gown and had the worst headache of my life and STILL did the shoot and had a blast).